Building Restoration

Exterior Restoration focuses on the repair and replacement of various elements of the exterior envelope of a building. The exterior envelope of a building includes everything that separates the interior of a building from the outdoor environment. These building assemblies, which consist of numerous integrated components, vary greatly in terms of materials and degree of technical complexity. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can manage the comprehensive requirements necessary to restore function and performance of the building envelope. SBG has extensive experience in the investigation and renovation of building envelopes and structural systems.

  • Façade Restoration
  • Façade Inspection Safety
  • Program (LL 11/98)
  • Façade Cleaning
  • Masonry Restoration
  • Terra Cotta Replacement
  • Ornamental Stone Repair
  • Roofing Systems
  • Balcony Repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Parapet Replacement
  • Cornice Replacement
  • Terrace Replacement
  • Plaza Repairs
  • Structural Steel Work
  • Bulkhead Repairs
  • Fiberglass Cornice Replacement
  • GFRC


  • Johns Manville
  • Kemper System
  • Cathedral Stone
  • Conproco
  • Sika
  • Siplast
  • Soprema
  • Firestone
  • ITC

Leak Investigation & Repair

SBG will assist in determining the sources of water infiltration through hands-on and visual inspections using a combination of infrared moisture testing and standard methods of probes and water tests.

In-House Testing Techniques

  • The use of infrared imaging to identify thermal anomalies (temperature variations) that result in moisture compromised insulation.
  • The use of roof and wall moisture scanners and moisture meters to perform impedance testing which identifies the relative moisture content of the material.
  • Incorporating the use of electronic leak detection to identify the location of water infiltration.
  • Emergency Response Team
  • We offer an emergency response team for all your maintenance needs. SBG has technicians on call, day or night. These teams have the training and equipment to help with emergency water leaks and damage repair.

Construction Management

SBG has acquired unparalleled knowledge and experience in the industry. We consistently achieve our client’s goals by putting our services into action and giving our clients the highest level of service they expect and deserve.

  • Site Surveys
  • Preconstruction
  • Progress
  • Closeout
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Plan Review & Permit Expediting
  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Master Project Budget
  • Scheduling and Phasing Plan
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Management Procedures and Reporting
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • AIA onsite field verification of schedule/percent complete
  • Reviewing construction documentation (RFC, RFI, Submittals, etc.)

Owners Representation & Development Consulting

We are a highly experienced professional services firm which provides Development, Owners Representation and Advisory services of strategic and tactical value to clients undertaking design and construction projects throughout North America. We partner with our clients in the development and implementation of bespoke project methodologies and best-in-class business solutions to optimize resource utilization, project execution and delivery across real estate portfolios of all sizes.

Development Consulting

Project Organization

  • Initial Budget and Schedule Development
  • Select intended Project Delivery Method
  • Develop Basic Building Requirements and Parameters
  • Perform site Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities for Design Team Members and Build the Team
  • Environmental Site Testing
  • Master Planning
  • Site Selection
  • Zoning Analysis


  • Drawing Development
  • Schematic Design Phase
  • Design Development Phase
  • Construction Document Phase
  • Budget Development
  • Schedule Development
  • Consider Specific Contract Methods for Delivery
  • Coordinate Project Documents
  • Develop specifications
  • Secure consultants
  • DOB Filing
  • Issue bids and select a Contractor


  • Manage Construction Process
  • Monitor Team Communication
  • Manage Project Budgets and Schedules as work progresses
  • Manage change orders

Close Out

  • Punchlist Process
  • Testing of all key project systems
  • Gather all Warranty information and As-built documentation
  • Closeout of all open Permits
  • Gathering of Attic Stocks
  • Final Payments
  • SBG provides advisement, expertise, and protection solely for the Owner’s and the projects’ interest. Our expertise is built upon many years’ experience on projects for all types and sizes in the construction and development industry. By providing these services we secure a constant reliable source of unbiased project expertise and allow our clients to focus resources on their primary business.
  • We can provide stand-alone services or manage the entire project. We manage and organize the team, the process and all aspects of the work. We document and track all project progress to provide clients the insight and knowledge need to make informed decisions. SBG adjusts their approach to fit the structure of each client to provide greatest efficiency and impact for each project


  • Strategy
  • Processes
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organization

Owners Representation

  • Guidance to build the right team for your project
  • Manage and Coordinate all professionals
  • Monitor the teams focus on the Owner’s Vision and budget
  • Work to ensure all team members are working
    efficiently with reasonable deadlines
  • Provide communication and translation between all aspects and parties
  • Provide all size Owners/Developers with a sophisticated level of internal team management
  • Allow Ownership to focus on core business while the project progresses 
  • Minimize concern of internal employees leaving mid-project, we are always here
  • Facilitate project organization, communication, coordination, and transparency
  • Utilize proven best practice methods to organize the project process and increase efficiency
  • Budget Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Bid management
  • Contract Development
  • Cost Control
  • Constructability reviews
  • Cost estimating
  • Sustainability
  • Procurement
  • Quality Control
  • Close out

General Construction

SBG is an experienced professional construction company. We contract for the new construction of an entire building or project, rather than a portion of the work. The general contractor is the primary point of responsibility for controlling construction costs and meeting the project schedule. As the general contractor, SBG hires subcontractors to perform specific portions of the project (electricians, plumbers, etc.), oversees all work, and is responsible for payment to the subcontractors.

  • Competitive bidding analysis & qualification
  • Vendor selection, negotiation, and coordination
  • Safety compliance
  • “Fast Track” scheduling
  • Project accounting and document control
  • Project administration, RFIs, delay verification, notices to comply, change order verification, requisition verification, submittals, shop drawings and project meetings
  • Design compliance and quality control

Building Capital Improvement Plans

A capital improvement plan, or capital plan, is an evaluation of the building’s assets – the elevator, boiler, sprinkler system, facade, roof – which gives owners/shareholders important information about its structural and financial needs. The preparation of a capital plan helps with the financing of projects.

  • Development of Capital Budget
  • Detailed Building Information
  • Utility and Common Area Breakdown
  • Heating Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Ventilation Systems and Laundry
  • Elevators
  • Electrical
  • Water Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Apartment Details and Make-up
  • Life Safety and Security
  • Roof and Flashing Systems
  • Façades
  • Sidewalks and Courtyards
  • Parking
  • Solid waste systems
  • Environmental and Regulatory
  • DOB status, open violations and history of recent projects

Construction Loan Monitoring & Property Condition Reports

SBG provides a full scope of services including construction loan monitoring and due diligence property condition reports, review of plans and specifications, cost to complete, site observation reports and application for payment approval reviews. These offerings can be fine tuned and packaged to suit a wide range of projects.

The Property Condition Report will report on the status of the major building components including but not limited to

  • Site work (topography, storm water drainage, access, egress, paving, curbing, parking, flatwork, landscaping, recreational facilities)
  • Utilities (water, electricity, natural gas, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, special utility systems, on-site generation)
  • Structural Frame and Building Envelope (foundation, building frame, facades, parapets, water penetration issues, windows, skylights)
  • Roofing (material, condition, drainage, flashing, coping, issues)
  • Plumbing (age, piping supply, drain/waste/vent, domestic water production, fixtures)
  • HVAC (heating plant, fuel sources, storage tanks, pumps, distribution systems, controls, rooftop units, issues)
  • Electric System (building power, fixtures, emergency power, emergency fixtures, fire alarm, GFCI, issues)
  • Elevators – (number of cabs, controls, equipment)
  • Fire Safety (system types, smoke detection, alarm)
  • Apartment and common area interiors (finishes, conditions, issues)
  • Handicapped accessibility

Review of Plans and Specifications

Prepared prior to the start of new construction or renovation, this report is based upon a visit to the site(s) and includes a comprehensive review of all available plans, direct cost construction breakdown, specifications, building department applications/permits, scopes of work, technical reports, project contracts. Initial site visits and our technical reports are designed to help identify any issues that should be considered prior to closing.

The following sections are included with comments, questions, and recommendations

  • Project Scope and Key Issues
  • Site Comments
  • Architectural Comments
  • Structural Comments
  • Building Systems Comments
  • Other Issues Affecting the Construction
  • Specifications Comments
  • Construction Schedule
  • Budget Review
  • Evaluation of Contracts

Cost to Complete

Report based upon a visit to the site(s), a review of the plans, direct cost construction breakdown and other related documentation. It can be completed and submitted within 2-3 weeks of authorization to proceed assuming access to the property and needed information is made available in a timely manner. Our report will include information on existing building conditions and review of work already in place, as well as pending construction work.

Site Observation Reports

Generally issued monthly, this report includes a complete site and building observation with a focus on a monthly requisition to the lender. It includes the project data, site conditions, site safety, funding recommendation, change orders, contingency funding, retainage, potential delays/overruns, quality of construction, permits, violations, and schedule/estimated completion.

We visit the site in conjunction with Applications for Payment or as directed by the Bank to review the progress of the work and report on the following:

  • Progress of the work and whether the payments requested fairly represent the amount of work completed on the project. In addition, review amount shown as necessary to complete the project.
  • Quality of construction and standard of workmanship.
  • Compliance with the approved plans and specifications.
  • Anticipated labor stoppage and material shortages that could adversely affect the completion of the project.
  • Review change orders.

Property Condition Reports

An assessment of all observable site and building components, thus helping to determine both the current condition of all components and categorize future capital improvement estimates into critical, immediate, short-term, and long-term estimations.

The observations shall be summarized in a detailed Report with recommendations for immediate corrective work, near term and a Replacement Reserve Analysis.

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